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1993 Marvel Cards

1993 Marvel Cards. By mitchellgoosen plays quiz not verified by sporcle rate 5. For chase cards, this set had four holograms, 10 suspended animation cards (characters printed on clear plastic cards, used to promote the animated series running at the time), and nine power blast cards (foil/holofoil). Comic Book Trading Cards A Look Back HobbyLark… Read More »

Marvel Cards 1993

Marvel Cards 1993. Marvel universe cards were collectible trading cards based on the characters and events of the marvel universe. For people used to seeing their heroes and villains in vibrant comic book colors, this card set was a game changer. 1993 Marvel Masterpieces 90 Card Set from Fleer Skybox eBay from ebay.co.uk Prices pop… Read More »

Marvel Masterpieces 1993

Marvel Masterpieces 1993. 1993 marvel masterpieces #69 war machine psa 10 gem 💎 mint! See more ideas about marvel, masterpiece, marvel comics. 1993 MARVEL MASTERPIECES from 1993marvelmasterpieces.blogspot.com Marvel | 1993 | 4 issues. 1993 marvel masterpieces trading cards #78 night thrasher. Find rookies, autographs, and more on comc.com.

1993 Skybox Marvel Cards

1993 Skybox Marvel Cards. Skybox marvel universe series 4 trading card box [36 packs] $349.99 add to cart. 1993 skybox marvel masterpieces lot of 200+ cards see pics. 1993 Marvel Skybox Warpath card. 34 eBay from www.ebay.com Marvel universe 1993 skybox manage card. 1993 marvel universe series 4 trading cards base set. Plus, free shipping… Read More »

1993 Marvel Skybox Cards

1993 Marvel Skybox Cards. This card set was used to create a parallel set with the exception that the toy biz logo is printed in light grey on the back of the card. I offer a flat rate shipping, apply the highest s&h price and all other items ship free! 1993 SKYBOX Marvel Universe Series… Read More »

1993 Marvel Masterpieces

1993 Marvel Masterpieces. The 1993 edition saw a large roster of artists contribute cards. Marvel masterpieces 1993 s6 bloodhawk. 1993 MARVEL MASTERPIECES Cards 2836 from 1993marvelmasterpieces.blogspot.com $24 the marvel masterpieces collection #1 newsstand (1993) marvel comics: 6 days left auction marvel comics. 36 packs of 6 cards.

Marvel Masterpiece 1993

Marvel Masterpiece 1993. Posted by 1993 marvel masterpieces at 7:43 pm no comments: 1993 skybox marvel masterpiece base card 11 silver surfer read more add to manage card; Marvel Masterpieces Collection (1993) comic books from www.mycomicshop.com 1993 skybox marvel masterpiece base card 08 doctor strange read more add to manage card $72 1993 marvel masterpieces… Read More »